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Attempting to drive is continuing to happen, and I've now taken my second trip down a dual carriageway which definitely pushes at my comfort level in terms of speed. I've spent most of my time up to now in residential areas, where I've been happiest going between 20-25mph (the cars behind me are possibly slightly less happy about this, but I'm doing my best to ignore them as I'd rather be semi-comfortable than try and go too fast too soon and have an accident).

Yesterday I actually made it up to the limit of 70mph whilst on the dual carriageway, which is a definite improvement from my first trip, which had me in a bit of a state of panic at 60mph. It was just as well I was less anxious this time as the L plate on my bonnet decided to take that moment to explode into pieces. I guess it had gotten old and brittle over time because it really didn't like going at that speed, and ended up as countless bits of confetti clattering over the windscreen. D:

I'm getting better at 3 point turns (I've actually made it in 3 points! Much better than what felt like 97 points the first time I tried!), but my reversing around corners is still very hit and miss, sometimes good, sometimes awful. Practice, practice, practice needed.


The inquest was last week. I didn't go. Speaking with Mum afterwards, apparently it went much as expected, apart from one witness randomly deciding to embellish her story a little. Mum wasn't sure if it was deliberate, or just events mis-remembered. Either way, I think I'm glad I wasn't there.
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