Nov. 13th, 2009 09:34 pm
jheya: Um: The atomic symbol for confusion (Atomic confusion)

Was it really all the way back in June that I posted in this journal? Apparently so, though from my point of view it doesn't seem like 5-6 months could possibly have whizzed past so quickly.

However, at some point in the intervening time, I seem to have gone from a state of knowing-how-to-knit-but-not-doing-so to a state of knitting-all-the-bloody-time. (And in a roundabout way, it's knitting that has lead to this entry. I've currently got a project soaking in a tub of water, and in a short while I'll be draining, rinsing, and then blocking it out. In the meanwhile, I'm killing time.)

I blame the resurgence on finally realising that, hey! There are lots and lots of really nice yarns out there. Ones that I had somehow completely failed to notice the existence of before (quite how I'm not sure, but shh, that's beside the point). And not only did these really lovely yarns exist, but I could now actually afford to buy them.

Fast forward a little bit of time, and I have managed to buy an awful lot of yarn and knitting equipment, have completed a few projects, and am in the middle of about four others. Not a huge amount of things to be working on at any given time by some people's standards, but a lot for me. The Boy is rather bemused by it all, heh.

And now it's about time for me to get started on the blocking. I'm a wee bit nervous, because though I've knitted a lot in the past, this is actually the first time I've ever tried to block a piece, as I didn't realise that I was meant to (again, quite how I managed to miss this...). Ah well, fingers crossed that it'll all go fine. :)


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