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I keep feeling as if I should really start poking around in earnest, and start trying to put together a new style over here.

However, so far this has not happened because:
a) I'm horribly out of practice at messing around with the code, and
b) I'm lazy (and tired, and busy, and lacking time).

I'd contemplate bringing over my LJ style, if not for the fact that I know it's broken.

(In my defence, it worked when I first created it, years back. Only then time passed, there were updates to the website and new features introduced, and my style wanted nothin' to do with eet. :p I've been meaning to fix it for years, but never quite found the time to settle and immerse myself into huge chunks of code that make my head hurt. It's inelegantly written, I know, and needs a complete overhaul...but dammit, it's my style and I like the visual aspect of it, even if it looks like a mess behind the scenes.)

I may end up waiting until at least open beta before I start bouncing up and down on things. The launch is only 10 days away, after all, and I rather doubt that I'll find myself with enough time to play between now and then.


jheya: Chibi Jheya with falling paper. (Default)

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